Ultion WXM Locks West Midlands

Looking for the ultimate protection of your home? Handles At Heart supply Ultion WXM Locks across the West Midlands and the wider UK, helping to provide you with the best locks and security for your property.

A growing number of homeowners are investing in Ultion to protect their home and loved ones, giving themselves peace of mind in their home security whether home or not.

Why not invest in your Ultion WXM locks today!

What are Ultion WXM Locks?

Ultion WXM locks are the ultimate innovation in security, designed and manufactured to provide maximum protection against intruders. These locks have been designed and engineered with advanced technology and absolute precision in order to offer unbeatable strength and durability.

Complete with Ultion’s lockdown mode and 11 hardened steel pins, Ultion WXM locks are virtually impenetrable, making it the perfect choice for the protection and safeguarding of your home, assets and loved ones.

Ultion are now offering a £5000 guarantee on their locks! This guarantees that if your home is broken into and your Ultion lock has snapped, you can claim this exceptional guarantee. Not only does this highlight the durability of these locks but shows that they are trusted by industry leading experts in protecting your West Midlands homes.

The Benefits of Ultion WXM Locks for Your Home

There are a number of benefits for investing in Ultion WXM locks West Midlands, including:

  • Security Assurance
  • Innovative Lockdown Mode
  • Expert Approval

Security Assurance

Ultion WXM locks have been meticulously designed and engineered to withstand even the toughest of attacks, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe in the event of an attempted break in. With advanced security features, Ultion gives an extra layer of protection for all homes.

Innovative Lockdown Mode

In the event of a break in, Ultion’s Lockdown Mode will engage automatically, resulting in the hidden lock features being activated. This will prevent forced entry, securing your home and loved ones.

Expert Approval

Ultion WXM Locks are rigorously tested and certified by leading industry authorities, including the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). Not only does this emphasise the high quality of Ultion WXM Locks, but the trust that is placed in the locks for protection and security.

Whether you prefer a thumbturn or key on the inside we have you covered, invest in Ultion WXM Locks West Midlands today from Handles At Heart.

Why Upgrade Your Home

Handles At Heart have been supplying the highest quality manufactured door handles, knobs, and locks for almost 10 years. With a team of architectural ironmongery experts, we are able to help find the right products for your homes, ensuring that you find the perfect style, and fit for every property.

We are proud to stock a number of industry leading brands including Alexander & Wilks, From the Anvil, Ultion, and more. Why not explore our brands today.

When it comes to Ultion, Handles At Heart can help you. Our knowledgeable team are here to help you find the right protection for your West Midlands home; Ultion is the highest level of security you can buy. Not only can we help you get your Ultion Lock, but we encourage you to activate your guarantee as well, ensuring that you are covered in the event of a failed lock.

Whether you’re looking for the Ultion WXM with thumbturn or key, we can the right option for you. Get in touch with Handles At Heart today.