M. Marcus is an industry leader in ironmongery. Established in the 1940's they are renowned for their strong brands and exceptional quality products. Over the years, they have manufactured and designed beautiful doorware and cabinet hardware pieces, giving your home a little bit more luxury. With the assistance of the latest technologies, they are able to maintain their quality standards and produce sustainable pieces with ease.

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Manufacturing Techniques

Throughout the years, M. Marcus has adapted to new manufacturing methods and technologies to ensure they maintain their quality products. All products are manufactured using the hot forging process, alongside the robot polish as a means of creating consistent, high-quality finishes for all products.

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Alexander & Wilks - Crispin Dual Finish Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle - Dark Bronze PVD and Antique Black - Centres 224mm 1
Sorrento Door Handle Lever Latch Mercury Design Apollo Finish 1
SKU:RPW3721 160
Heritage Brass Hat & Coat Hook Polished Brass finish 1
Sorrento Keyhole Escutcheon Satin Chrome finish 1
SKU:RPW118 38
Heritage Brass Double Coat Hook Satin Brass finish 1
Alexander & Wilks - Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle - Satin Chrome - 128mm 1
Black Iron Rustic Door Handle Lever Latch Hadley Design 1
Heritage Brass Door Handle Lever Lock Sandown Design Matt Bronze Finish 1
SKU:RDB613 38
Heritage Brass Door Handle for Bathroom Hilton Design Satin Nickel Finish 1
Heritage Brass Door Handle Lever on Rose Signac (Knurled Bauhaus) Design Polished Brass Finish 1
SKU:RDB3312 192
Euro Escutcheon ABR 1
Heritage Brass Door Stop Square Wall Mounted Design Polished Brass Finish 1