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Ultion WXM 3 Star Plus

Their most durable 3-star, Police Preferred Specification lock with the UK’s thickest key.

Over 1,000,000 cycles have been tested, not just the 100,000 needed to pass the TS007 durability cycle test. The Ultion 3 Star Plus also has extra molybdenum added to the core. Every lock comes with a 60% thicker key compared to any other key on the market making it even harder to snap, providing the key option is chosen.

A double lockdown mode and Sold Secure Diamond approval justifies the durability and high level of security that the Ultion 3 Star Plus provides.

Ultion WXM 3 Star Plus

Extra Security

Lockdown Mode

Inside every Ultion 3 Star Plus door lock is an additional hidden lock; another layer of protection against intruders. Encased inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin, the lock is triggered when signs of forced entry are detected – activating LockDown Mode. Once activated, you home and family are safe.

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Ultion 1 Star

Whilst 1 Star locks need only protection from bumping, drilling and picking attacks, the Ultion 1 Star also brings some lock snapping resistance. With sacrificial elements and a snap-resistant molybdenum core.

A Sold Secure Gold rating is proof of the high level of security that this lock provides to any home.


£2000 £5000 Guarantee

Brisant are so committed to your security their guarantee is getting even better. Increasing from £2000 to £5000. Get in touch with us to learn more about activating your guarantee.


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