Alexander & Wilks- Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Cylinder Door Stop

Satin Stainless Steel

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The Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Cylinder Doorstop has a simple and traditional cylindrical design that has been created from stainless steel for a robust and hard-wearing door stop that is also economical.


Available in a fresh satin stainless steel finish to complement contemporary homes, apartments and office buildings. 


The end of the doorstop has a black rubber stopper to avoid markings and indentations on doors.


Alexander & Wilks represents the very best of architectural hardware and ironmongery. Using both time-honoured craftsmen’s skills, combined with the latest computer-aided precision manufacturing, results in a collection of beautifully made items with flawless results.


Supplied in SINGLES with 1x screw and plug.

For enquiries, get in touch with one of the team on 01384 254015.

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