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HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm System

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Choose who gets access to your home with timed or anytime access and revoke when needed
Peace of mind through the personalised alert log showing who accessed the property "Lucy has disarmed the alarm"
Your network is alerted quickly with simultaneous alerts to as many people as you choose
Expand the kit at any time with additional accessories
Access the alarm hub from anywhere, anytime with your App controlled via a Smartphone
Compatible with the Lightwave range of lighting, heating and power solutions for the perfect smart home experience



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The ERA HomeGuard Pro is a fully integrated, cloud based, Smart Home Security System that allows you to monitor multiple locations, including your home, business and your garage all from one account. 

The system allows you to choose who gets access to your home with either timed or anytime access. For example, if you are away and like a close relative, trusted friend or neighbour to look after your property then you can grant them temporary access. You can also give those that live with you or those with regular access to the property, such as carers anytime access. These settings can also be changed and revoked when needed.

The ERA HomeGuard Pro has a personalised alert log allowing you to see who has gained access to the property with clear timings e.g. “Lucy has disarmed the alarm” which can help you to keep track of who has gained access to your property.

If the alarm does activate, then everyone with access can be alerted quickly with the option to send simultaneous alerts, as well as phone call alerts via GSM. The system can also integrate with Lithium backup batteries so  you can also be sure that even if there is a power outage the property is still protected.

As the entire system is cloud based, you can access the alarm hub from anywhere, anytime with an app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. The system also receives updates via the cloud to ensure it keeps you protected for years to come. 


The ERA HomeGuard Pro has a fantastic range of accessories helping you to create the perfect security solution, including multiple PIR sensors, IP Camera's and water and vibration detectors. 

Additional PIR sensors allow you to activate the alarm in more places and protect more rooms in your property or premises. There is also a pet-friendly alternative to prevent those stressful times when your pet dog or cat accidentally triggers the alarm. 

Along with the sensors, additional IP cameras allow you to view what people are doing when the alarm is triggered from wherever you are in the world. This can also help assist police with investigations by detailing the sequence of events as they occur. Also sensors for water and vibrations can be added to detect anyone attempting to tamper with the alarm system.

Other options for accessories include remote controls, RFID keypads, Range extenders and a personal alarm button.

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