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When it comes to interior design, handles are a fundamental, yet often overlooked element. Handles serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose, therefore choosing the right design is important. Let us help you choose the best handle for every room with our handle choosing guide.
Sorrento is a brand under the widely recognised architectural hardware brand: M.MarcusM.Marcus have been an established company since 1940. Today their high quality handles and hardware are sought after by interior designers and homeowners across the globe. The Sorrento brand boasts a collection of chic Italian designed handles. Each handle from the Sorrento brand is an embodiment of style and comfort, designed to complement the aesthetics of the modern interior without compromising on convenience.
The M.Marcus art deco range is a collection of beautifully designed lever handles and door knobs influenced by the original art deco movement. Each art deco handle features subtle, yet noticeable art deco influences and focuses on symmetry and elegance.
Out with the old and in with the new! If you’re planning a kitchen makeover this year then our forecast will help you make sure you’re right on trend.
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